Frequently Asked Questions about the SAMSPA League

1. How much does it cost to join the SAMSPA league?

2. When do fees have to be paid?

3. When and where are the League meeting being held?

4. What do the costs include?

5. What divisions are available?

6. When does the season start?

7. How many games in a season and what are the duration and start times of the games?     

8. What about umpires?

9. How many teams make the playoffs?

10. What about awards?

11. What do teams need to supply?

12. What rules apply?

13. Where Do I Send The Deposit and the "New Team Information"?

14. When is the 40 banquet?

15. How do we find out about games being cancelled?

The following information is general in nature and does not supercede the league rules.

1, Annual team fees  $2,550.00

2, Commitment deposit of $500.00 is due by the Annual General Meeting. The balance is split with payable due by the April GM and May 1st. E-transfer is preferred with payment to the League Treasurer treasurer@samspaslowpitch.com. Payment is required before seasonal supplies are distributed.

3, Meetings are held  AGM - January, GM - April. Locations to be announced.

4, Balls and score books, umpires are supplied. The largest portion of the fees are used to operate and maintain the Meadowview Ball Park, and the cost of carded umpires.

5, Open division (under 40 yrs old but not restricted to under 40 years old).  Plus 40 (minimum 40 years old by Dec. 31 of current year); Plus 50 (minimum 50 years and older by Dec. 31 of the current year); and Plus 60 Division (minimum 60 years old by December 31 of the current year). Plus 70 Division (minimum 70 years old by December 31 of the current year).


6, Weather permitting, the regular season starts the first Monday in May. The season finishes about the 3rd week in Sept for teams who have gone the distance in the playoffs.

7,  Games are played Mon to Thur . There are 28 games in the regular season, followed by playoffs starting in late August. Games are about 1 hour and fifteen minutes (7 Innings) and teams usually play 2 games per week at 6:30 PM, 8:00 PM or 9:30 PM.  Note: a 5:00 PM game slot (Tuesday and Thursday) has been added for the Plus 60 Division teams. a 3:30 PM game slot (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) has been added for the Plus 70 Division teams.

8, Carded Umpires are scheduled for all games, the cost of which is included in Team fees.  

9, Generally, the top 8 teams based on regular season standings in each pool qualify for the playoffs.

10,  League trophies are presented to division winners and playoff winners in each category.

11, Existing teams have to  play in a ball uniform which consists of a minimum matching team jersey/shirt. Ball caps are optional at the discretion of individual players, but if a ball cap is worn, they must be matching team ball caps. All new teams have until June 1st of their  first season to comply with the minimum uniform standard. A team roster must be submitted on line by all teams, no later than July 1st.

12,  SOFTBALL CANADA slowpitch rules apply with some exceptions made by the SAMSPA league. Check the "rules" tab for further details.

13,  The initial $500.00 deposit must be received prior to the Annual General Meeting. New teams must  provide; team name, two team contacts (addresses, telephone, e-mail if possible and the desired division in which they want to play), caliber of team (level of play-competitive or recreational).  

14, The PLUS 40 Division no longer holds a banquet after the season is complete.

15, In the event of poor weather a notice is placed on the leagues web site and telephone voice mail around 3:00 PM. Please call 780 460 7234. After that time if conditions deteriorate the game umpires will decide if a game is to be played or cancelled. Make up games for cancellations due to weather are automatically scheduled by the League, and generally are held on Friday nights. Team cancellations (e.g. player shortage) must be announced 24 hrs. in advance, otherwise fines are applicable (see Teams - Scheduling Policy).