St. Albert Men’s Slowpitch Association

Date:     April, 2012

Subject: Meadowview Park – Alcohol Violations

  1. Meadowview Park facilities within the entrance gates are a licensed area. As such, absolutely NO outside alcohol (defined as “illegal alcohol”) is to be brought into the Park by anyone.
  2. Teams are responsible for the conduct of their players, and as such, the consequence of violation of this policy will be borne by the team as well as the individual.
  3. Illegal alcohol includes all types and descriptions including but not limited to, beer, rum, rye whiskey, vodka, wine, wine coolers etc.
  4. Beer or coolers purchased from the beer concession are not to be consumed or taken onto the field of play, nor are they to be consumed or taken in or around the dug outs during game play.
  5. The parking lot is not considered as part of the licensed area, and players and spectators are not to buy alcoholic beverages in the licensed facility and take them out to the parking lot for consumption. Similarly, members are not to bring outside alcohol into the parking lot for consumption.



  1. First offense of illegal alcohol brought into the Park is a $100 fine
  2. Second offense of illegal alcohol brought into the Park is termination of team membership in the Association.
  3. A member team may appeal their termination, but all rights or entitlements (including league play) are suspended until an appeal hearing can be convened, held and a decision rendered.
  4. Players violating policy #4 are subject to ejection from the game by the Umpires.
  5. Local law enforcement may issue tickets for illegal possession for alcohol consumed outside the licensed area.

Enforced by:



  1. Illegal alcohol brought into the Park – all teams, managers and members are to monitor compliance and to identify issues either directly to the offending party, to any Executive member, or to the Concession Manager.
  2. Fines and termination of membership - League President.
  3. Alcohol on the field of play – Umpires.